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Taking Notes Episode 68: 2007.10.04 - Lotus Notes Traveler with Shawne Robinson October 4th, 2007
Episode 68 is an interview with the enthusiastic Shawne Robinson -- IBM Domino Product Manager for Mobile Messaging -- on the upcoming Lotus Notes Traveler product. Traveler will be available with the Notes/Domino 8.0.1 release (scheduled for Q1 2008), and it allows real-time replication between Domino mail and Windows Mobile devices. Topics of discussion include:
  • Is this a separate client or does it work in conjunction with the native mail apps on Windows Mobile?
  • Is it push, pull, or some sort of hybrid?
  • How does the administration work on the Domino side? (HINT: it's a Domino server add-in, and one of the supported configurations will allow you to access mail files on Domino 7 servers)
  • Security and encryption (128-bit encryption out-of-the-box, with an option to use Lotus Mobile Connect for even more secure connections)
Also, Shawne said that there should be more information available at Lotusphere in January. You HAVE already purchased your Lotusphere tickets, haven't you?

The podcast is 9.2mb and runs 19:54 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 68: 2007.10.04 - Lotus Notes Traveler with Shawne Robinson

  1. Stuart McIntyre Says:
    Platform Support

    Great podcast guys, as usual...

    It was mentioned very quickly, but I am not sure that Shawne answered it, do you know which Domino server platforms will be supported for the 8.0.1 version of Traveler?

  2. Shawne Robinson Says:
    Re: Platform Support

    We will be initially shipping with Windows 2003 server support and expect to add additional server platfoms over time.

  3. Stuart McIntyre Says:
    Re: Platform Support

    Thanks for your prompt reply Shawn.

    Whilst I can understand your resource limitations for this initial version of the solution and also that it is a similar restriction as RIM and others have, I can't hide my frustration that IBM still prioritises Windows for server developments.

    I know several companies here in the UK that simply refuse to have Windows servers in their server rooms, and have chosen not to deploy many a product because they mandate Windows at the server end. IBM has always had a good name for server OS choice, and it is a great shame that occasionally short-sighted decisions like this are made.

  4. Andy Donaldson Says:

    One curious note from the podcast. There was some mention about release 8.5. Is there going to be a ".5" version of the product and I missed that announcement? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Great Podcast as always guys!

  5. Ed Brill Says:

    Andy, we haven't made any formal announcements, but the next feature release of Notes/Domino is scheduled for 2H2008 and internally is being described as 8.5. So, you can probably gather that Shawne's reference is to that next feature release, whether it is ultimately called 8.5 or something else.

    @Stuart, given that this initial release supports only Windows Mobile devices, I don't think it's at all unreasonable that it ships on a Windows server. It certainly fits with the profile of which customers are likely to be demanding to deploy this quickly.

  6. Andy Donaldson Says:
    Re: 8,5

    Thanks Ed!

  7. Dmorandi Says:
    Download IBM Lotus Notes Traveler


    I would like to test the Lotus Notes Traveler, but i don't know the link for downloads. Please help me !


  8. StuBee Says:
    Strange Comment about Windows Server Only

    That's a strange comment from EdBrill that it makes sense that it's being deployed only to Windows Servers, because it's for WM handhelds.

    Uh..the handheld os is independent of the Domino Server...just like the Notes Client OS is independent of the Domino Server OS. Do you know many people with Unix based handhelds?

    Of course most companies have WM handhelds..but that doesn't mean they have Windows servers.

    Kinda gives you insight how strange decisions can be made within IBM.

  9. FrancoisA Says:
    It’s probably the first version

    It's probably the first version of Lotus Traveller.

    The second version will certainly run on AIX (that is an IBM OS).

    Peraphs the 8.5 version ?

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