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Taking Notes Episode 169: 2012.09.28 - Mobilizing your apps with Velocity AppXtender 9.29.2012
Trevor Nimegeers of WMode and Bill McNaughton of Castlebreck talk with us about all things "Velocity AppXtender" which allows you to mobilize your Notes and Domino applications as well as those built with other technologies. This episode wraps up our "mobile mini-series".

During the 25 minute show we covered:
  • Who are Trevor and Bill and what is their background with Notes/Domino
  • Who are WMode and Castlebreck and what they do
  • What AppXtender is and what it can do
  • What kind of changes need to be made to customers apps if any at all in order to use AppXtender
  • How to setup and configure AppXtender
  • How to get started with AppXtender
  • Which apps are best suited for mobilization
  • Working offline/disconnected
The show runs 25:37.

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