The Taking Notes Podcast

Taking Notes Episode 151: 2012.02.16 - Teamstudio Unplugged, with Nigel Cheshire and Craig Schumann 2.16.2012
Learn about Teamstudio Unplugged, a tool that helps you mobilize (as in mobile smartphones) your Lotus Domino applications. We spoke with Nigel Cheshire, president and CEO of Teamstudio, and Craig Schumann, Teamstudio senior developer, about:
  • The rise of Apple and iOS in the enterprise
  • The rise of XPages in the Lotus developer world
  • Teamstudio's approach for adding a mobile interface to Domino apps
  • Replicating data to and from a device for offline use
  • Choosing a strategy for mobilizing your apps, to make sure your project is successful
  • And more...
This episode runs 34:00.