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Taking Notes Episode 173: 2012.12.17 - The IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report 12.17.2012
On this episode we interviewed IBM's Paul Brunet, Vice President ISVs, startups and academic relations, IBM about the recent release of the IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report. During the interview we talked about:
  • Paul's role at IBM
  • What exactly does the Tech Trends Report covers
  • What surprised Paul in the report
  • The growing skill gaps in technology
  • What IBM Is doing to help shrink the skills gap
  • Paul's advice for developers and  IT admins that are trying to keep up with all of the changes in IT
  • Social Business and Collaboration. Did the report uncover anything interesting in those areas?
  • and much more...
On the recording you will hear the show be identified as episode 172 when in actuality it's really 173. The show runs for 28:08 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 170: 2012.10.22 - What’s New with IBM Wikis 10.22.2012
We talked to IBM User Experience Development team members Amanda Bauman, Craig Lordan, Kevin Giles, and Mike Stewart about what's going on these days with the IBM Wikis. Topics included:
  • History of the IBM wikis
  • Types of content on the wikis (it's not just random information spread across various pages)
  • New features in the latest iteration of the wiki template
  • Improvements in navigation and search
  • Dynamic content control
  • And more...
Bonus trivia: did you know that the short URL to the Lotus (aka ICS) wikis is

Taking Notes Episode 165: 2012.08.21 - IBM Connections, Social Recognition, and TemboSocial 8.21.2012
Steven Green, CEO of TemboSocial (@TemboSocial), tells us all about The Hive. It's peer-to-peer social recognition software that integrates with IBM Connections to help share knowledge, stories, and corporate culture among employees. Topics we covered included:
  • The importance of awards, achievements, and peer recognition
  • How all this ties into corporate culture and values
  • 400,000+ stories on The Hive site for TD Bank since 2009
  • How does this integrate with IBM Connections?
  • Is it difficult to get management and/or employees to use something like this?
  • The way that stories become company assets
  • Analytics and reporting
  • The use of promotional banners to bring employees back the site
As we mentioned in the podcast, there is a video demo on YouTube and plenty more information on the TemboSocial website. For more information, Chris Miller also has a video interview with Steven Green you can check out.

This show runs 39:32.

Taking Notes Episode 163: 2012.07.30 - Getting started with IBM Connections application development 7.29.2012
In this episode we talked about developing applications for IBM's Connections social software platform. We were joined by three very special guests: Topics covered during the show included:
  • Overview of the options available to developers (APIs, Widgets, Java)
  • How widgets and apps are deployed within Connections
  • Integrating apps with the Connections Profile
  • Surfacing apps and widgets within Communities
  • How IBM Connections Next will utilize OpenSocial and
  • How Kudos Badges was built and how it integrates and is managed within Connections
  • Why developers should use XPages to extend Connections
  • How you can work with iWidgets and XPages
  • How to access the Connections REST API's from XPages
  • Where you can find and download sample XPages apps
  • What other extensibility features might be important for XPages developers
  • and much more...
Resources: - Landing for all things ICS development related including Notes/Domino "Next" and Connections "Next"

The show runs 41:53.

Show Rewind:

Be sure to listen to our interview with IBM's Ed Brill and Trust Factory's Wueter Aukema about the new partnership between their companies, news about Notes Social Edition and Ed's forthcoming book.

Taking Notes Episode 150: 2012.02.09 - Activity Streams of the Future, with Alan Lepofsky 2.9.2012
Today we talked with Alan Lepofsky, analyst at Constellation Research Group, about the current and future state of Activity Streams in the enterprise. Our discussion included:
  • What's the difference between streams of information like Facebook and Twitter, and what we'll see in business in the coming months and years?
  • Considerations about filters, and making sure important information gets seen
  • How does analytics play into all this?
  • Is there truly "one stream to rule them all", or does certain information need to be siloed?
  • What about my inbox?!?
  • Where will mobile devices fit into this picture?
  • Once this all gets going, what are some of the advantages (obvious or not) with having a stream-friendly enterprise?
For more on what Alan has to say on the subject, also check out his Making Activity Streams More Manageable blog post from last week, and find him on Twitter at @alanlepo.

This show runs 41:14.

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Taking Notes Episode 149: 2012.01.27 - Learn about OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter and Mikkel Heisterberg 1.27.2012
In today's show we talk about all things OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter of IBM and Mikkel Heisterberg of IntraVision. We talk about:
  • What is OpenSocial?  How did it get started?
  • How is IBM involved?  How can I get involved?
  • How is IBM leveraging OpenSocial?
  • What is Apache Shindig and how is it connected to OpenSocial?
  • What are the advantages to building OpenSocial gadgets over existing technologies?  Will I be able to leverage XPages?
  • How do I get started building gadgets?
  • What about the community?  Is there a community built around OpenSocial, should the ICS community become involved?
  • How can we also leverage the OpenNTF community?
  • Where else can I leverage OpenSocial outside of embedded experiences?
  • What other companies are involved in OpenSocial?
  • What does IBM need from the ICS community when it comes to OpenSocial?
Also, here are some links to a few of the things we discussed in the podcast: the OpenSocial website, the OpenSocial sandbox, and Ryan's Lotusphere slides.

The Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown video.

This episode runs 43:12.

Taking Notes Episode 148: 2012.01.24 - Alistair Rennie on Lotusphere 2012 and Getting Social 1.24.2012
We had the pleasure of interviewing IBM Collaboration Solutions General Manager Alistair Rennie (Twitter), where we talked about:
  • Lotusphere! Specifically, the evolution of Lotus/IBM products we saw demonstrated there last week.
  • What's driving improvements in the Notes/Domino platform for 2012.
  • Why is "social" so important to businesses right now? What has changed in the past few years to make it relevant?
  • Are traditional desktop applications going away, in favor of mobile and web initiatives?
  • What kind of feedback and takeaways did Alistair get from Lotusphere?
  • And more...
The podcast runs 24:06 and is best listened to while eating one or more pretzel cookies.