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Taking Notes Episode 173: 2012.12.17 - The IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report 12.17.2012
On this episode we interviewed IBM's Paul Brunet, Vice President ISVs, startups and academic relations, IBM about the recent release of the IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report. During the interview we talked about:
  • Paul's role at IBM
  • What exactly does the Tech Trends Report covers
  • What surprised Paul in the report
  • The growing skill gaps in technology
  • What IBM Is doing to help shrink the skills gap
  • Paul's advice for developers and  IT admins that are trying to keep up with all of the changes in IT
  • Social Business and Collaboration. Did the report uncover anything interesting in those areas?
  • and much more...
On the recording you will hear the show be identified as episode 172 when in actuality it's really 173. The show runs for 28:08 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 168: 2012.09.12 - What’s New in IBM Connections 4 9.12.2012
IBM Connections product managers Suzanne Livingston, Mac Guidera, Baan Slavens, and Luis Benitez fill us in on the new features of the Connections 4 (IC4) release, including:
  • Embedded experiences and activity streams
  • Improvements to the home page
  • Easily sharing information from any context with the Sharebox
  • What's coming in the Connections mobile apps
  • Reporting and metrics (over 100 new reporting capabilities)
  • Bridging content from external websites and news sources
  • And more...
Don't miss the InformationWeek simulcast on IBM Social Technologies coming up tomorrow. A few more links to help get you up to speed on Connections 4:

What's new in IBM Connections 4?
IBM Connections 4 Reviewer's Guide
New Capabilities in Connections 4 (there's also a YouTube video link on that page)

This show runs 32:55

Taking Notes Episode 167: 2012.09.04 - Mobilizing your Notes applications with Mobilite 9.4.2012
Giulio Campobassi and Frank Maric of IBM Business Partner Salient Solutions (@goMobilite) talked to us about their Mobilite product for mobilizing Notes and Domino applications.

We talked about:
  • Frank and Giulio's bacgkround using Notes and Domino
  • How and why they came up with the Mobilite product
  • Why IBM Domino is a great delivery mechanism for mobile apps
  • Installation, setup and configuration of Mobilite
  • What customers looking for in terms of mobilizing their apps
  • The business climate in Australia
  • and much more...
The show runs 26:48.

Taking Notes Episode 164: 2012.08.03 - What’s New in IBM Mobile Apps, with Chris Reckling and Rob Ingram 8.5.2012
We spoke with Chris Reckling (Program Manager, Mobile UX at IBM) and Rob Ingram (Manager of Mobile Strategy, Social Business at IBM) to get the inside scoop on what's new with IBM mobile apps. Topics we cover included: Even if you don't have Connections or Sametime in-house, you can try those apps out against Lotus Greenhouse, and you can also download a version of IBM Worklight that's free to try (look for a link to the Developer Edition on the Worklight home page). Also, don't miss the upcoming IBM Connections mobile tech talk on August 15.

This show runs 41:01.

Taking Notes Episode 158: 2012.06.18 - Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go 6.18.2012
Walfred Marzahn from YouAtNotes spent 20 minutes talking to us about their "Domino To Go" product. Domino To Go allows you to create native mobile apps that can access your Notes/Domino databases. We covered:
  • Who is YouAtNotes and what do they do?
  • Which mobile platforms are supported
  • How easy it is to create apps with Appcelerator's Titanium and Domino To Go
  • Which development languages you need to know
  • The pricing tiers for Domino To Go Cost?
  • Are there any limits to the number of databases you can access from a single app?
  • What about offline access?
  • and more...
Be sure to check out the Domino To Go FAQ.

This show runs 21:33.

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Taking Notes Episode 157: 2012.06.13 - jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden 6.13.2012
Today we talked to Mark Roden about using jQuery in XPages. Topics included:
  • Why use a JavaScript toolkit?
  • Why use jQuery instead of (or along with) Dojo?
  • Any considerations about using jQuery and Dojo on the same page?
  • What are some good jQuery plugins to look at?
  • What about jQuery for mobile web apps?
  • How about documentation?
Mark's website is and his Twitter handle is @markyroden. Other links mentioned in the show were, stackoverflow, and Matt White's XPages101 (lesson 27).

This episode runs 37:23.

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Taking Notes Episode 155: 2012.05.23 - An interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book 5.23.2012
On this show we sat down with all of the authors of the new "XPages Extension Library" book which is now available for purchase. This 537 page book was written by Paul Hannan (@pdhannan), Declan Sciolla-Lynch (@qtzar), Jeremy Hodge (@jeremyhodge), Paul Withers (@paulswithers) and Tim Tripcony (@timtripcony).

The book is also available as an eBook, on Kindle and as an iBook.

On the podcast we discussed:
  • How the book came to be
  • What tools they used to produce the book
  • The OpenNTF Extension Library Project and the associated Upgrade Pack 1 documentation on the IBM Wiki
  • An introduction to the XPages Extension Library and what it exactly is
  • How the book is goes beyond being "the documentation"
  • Who else was involved with the creation of the book content
  • Paul, Declan, Jeremy, Paul and Tim talk about the chapters they co-authored and some of their favorite XPages Extension Library controls
  • Tim's WatrCoolr project on OpenNTF
  • Russ Maher and his unique way of reading this great new book
  • The XSP Starter Kit Project on OpenNTF by Nathan T. Freeman
  • XPages architect Phil Riand and Tim's upcoming interview with Taking Notes (Exclusive!)
  • and much more....
You can also follow Julian (@jrobichaux), Bruce (@belgort) and The Taking Notes Podcast (@takingnotespod) on Twitter.

The show runs 40:10. Oh and before we forget! Be sure and listen to
Episode 154 of Taking Notes to hear Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher talk about all things XPages. Thanks for subscribing.

Taking Notes Episode 154: 2012.05.21 - XPages Training with Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher 5.21.2012
Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher have travelled to many different countries and cities over the past 2 years, training people on XPages with their basic and advanced multi-day bootcamps. Bruce and Julian caught up with them at the AdminDev 2012 conference to discuss:
  • What kinds of topics are people interested in?
  • Is mobile XPages development "hot" right now?
  • How about XPages in the Notes Client (XPiNC)?
  • Will knowledge of XPages development help you learn Websphere/J2EE?
  • What are some good learning resources?
  • XPages101 and TLCC
  • And more...
This podcast is 21:57 in length, 21mb in size.

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Taking Notes Episode 152: 2012.02.24 - Mobile AppDev Strategies with Graham Acres 2.24.2012
We talked to Graham Acres, an IBM BP in Canada, about how to develop a strategy around mobilizing your applications in the enterprise. Graham discussed mobile strategies in general as well as his own personal experiences, including:
  • Deciding which devices to support
  • Working with users and business units
  • Defining how the mobile app will work, and what it will look like
  • Problems with networks, firewalls, and device settings
  • Dealing with "bring your own device" policies
  • Choosing a toolkit
  • And more...
Graham gave a Lotusphere session on this topic, and his slides can be found at the Brytek Systems website. You can also follow him on Twitter at @gacres99.

This episode runs 36:48.

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Taking Notes Episode 151: 2012.02.16 - Teamstudio Unplugged, with Nigel Cheshire and Craig Schumann 2.16.2012
Learn about Teamstudio Unplugged, a tool that helps you mobilize (as in mobile smartphones) your Lotus Domino applications. We spoke with Nigel Cheshire, president and CEO of Teamstudio, and Craig Schumann, Teamstudio senior developer, about:
  • The rise of Apple and iOS in the enterprise
  • The rise of XPages in the Lotus developer world
  • Teamstudio's approach for adding a mobile interface to Domino apps
  • Replicating data to and from a device for offline use
  • Choosing a strategy for mobilizing your apps, to make sure your project is successful
  • And more...
This episode runs 34:00.

Taking Notes Episode 147: 2012.01.10 - Lotusphere Hashtags, Tweetups, Scavenger Hunts, and More! 1.10.2012
Today we spoke with Joyce Davis and Colleen Burns from IBM about the upcoming Lotusphere 2012 and Connect events being held in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida NEXT week!

We would like to thank
Ken "MacOSKen" Ray for the new Taking Notes intro that he graciously produced for us. Ken produces three outstanding Apple focussed podcasts including: You can also hear Ken on MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte on occasion.

We also suggest you follow Ken on Twitter at

Topics included:
See you all at Lotusphere in a few days. Oh, and we will be recording several live shows from Orlando.

This show runs 26:56 and goes quite well with a glass of pinot.

Taking Notes Episode 141: 2011.10.04 - Interview with Ed Brill and Pete Janzen about IBM XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3 10.4.2011

On the podcast today are
Ed Brill and Pete Janzen from IBM, to talk about the release of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 as well as the new IBM XWork Server. The discussion included:
  • What is the IBM XWork Server?
  • Who is the target market?
  • How is it licensed, and what are the restrictions?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the changes in licenses and entitlements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • What are some of the architectural changes and enhancements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • The OpenNTF extension library, feature packs, and extending Domino server functionality
  • Niklas Heidloff's blog post about his favorite 8.5.3 features
  • Anything new with Traveler?
  • and a whole lot more!
The podcast is 38.9 MB in size and 40:30 in length. For other news about the XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3, check out Chris Miller's webcast and the IBM XWork Server page on the IBM website.

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Taking Notes Episode 140: 2011.09.23 - Interview with Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton 9.23.2011
In Episode 140 we sat down with Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton. For those of you not familiar with Urban Airship here is what they do:

"Urban Airship powers the world's most successful mobile apps. Providing breakthrough technology, Urban Airship makes mobile marketing far more engaging, effective, and efficient. Top brands depend on Urban Airship's innovative platform to reach and engage target audiences and increase app revenue streams through push notification, rich messaging, in-app purchase, subscriptions and user engagement tracking."

In the show we talk about:
  • Something near and dear to us all - "bacon" and specifically Scott's project.
  • How Urban Airship got started.
  • What exactly Urban Airship sells.
  • Why building apps that customers want and need is important. Just don't build apps because they are technically cool.
  • The difference between mobile advertising services and Urban Airships "Platform-as-a-Service" or "PAS".
  • Why a developer would use Urban Airship's PAS rather than adding push notifications themselves.
  • How geolocation ties into push.
  • How Urban Airship makes money and how customers are making money using their products and services.
  • The number of push notifications served as of August 2011.
  • Scott's involvement with the Portland Incubator Experiment. Listen to Episode 138 of Taking Notes to learn more about the Portland Incubator Experiment with Rick Turcozy.
  • A blog post Scott wrote talking about boots trapping a startup company.
  • What's next for Urban Airship.
  • and much more...

This show runs about 28 minutes. On Episode 141 we will be interviewing IBM's Ed Brill about Notes/Domino 8.5.3 and more.

Taking Notes Episode 139: 2011.09.08 - Interview with Appcelerator CEO Jeff Haynie 9.8.2011
On this show we talk with the CEO of Appcelerator Jeff Haynie. You may have heard of Appcelerators' Titanium development platform.

"Titanium makes cross-platform native application development easy. A free and open source application development platform, Titanium lets you create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP."

We talk with Jeff about:
  • Who is Jeff Haynie and how did Appcelerator get started.
  • How the Titanium product has evolved over time.
  • That time in history when Steve Jobs said that developers could only use XCode to develop native apps for all "iThings".
  • How someone can get started with Titanium.
  • What products and services Appcelerator offers.
  • Where you can download Titanium.
  • What the differences are between the community and paid versions of Titanium.
  • The upcoming "Code Strong" Appcelerator Developer conference and "hackathon" being held in San Francisco September 18-20..
  • and much more...
The podcast runs 29:43.