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Taking Notes Episode 174: 2013.01.21 - Opting In: Ed Brill talks about his new book 1.21.2013
Today we spoke with Ed Brill (, Director of Social Business and Collaboration Solutions at IBM, about his new book. It's called Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager, and it's available both on ( and directly from IBM Press (

We discussed:
  • Why did you write this book?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the message of the book?
  • What has surprised you about the book?
  • What's going on at IBM Connect related to the book?
  • And more...
If you'd like to catch up with Ed (about the book or anything else), he has posted a few places where you can definitely find him at IBM Connect next week. (

Taking Notes Episode 173: 2012.12.17 - The IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report 12.17.2012
On this episode we interviewed IBM's Paul Brunet, Vice President ISVs, startups and academic relations, IBM about the recent release of the IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report. During the interview we talked about:
  • Paul's role at IBM
  • What exactly does the Tech Trends Report covers
  • What surprised Paul in the report
  • The growing skill gaps in technology
  • What IBM Is doing to help shrink the skills gap
  • Paul's advice for developers and  IT admins that are trying to keep up with all of the changes in IT
  • Social Business and Collaboration. Did the report uncover anything interesting in those areas?
  • and much more...
On the recording you will hear the show be identified as episode 172 when in actuality it's really 173. The show runs for 28:08 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 170: 2012.10.22 - What’s New with IBM Wikis 10.22.2012
We talked to IBM User Experience Development team members Amanda Bauman, Craig Lordan, Kevin Giles, and Mike Stewart about what's going on these days with the IBM Wikis. Topics included:
  • History of the IBM wikis
  • Types of content on the wikis (it's not just random information spread across various pages)
  • New features in the latest iteration of the wiki template
  • Improvements in navigation and search
  • Dynamic content control
  • And more...
Bonus trivia: did you know that the short URL to the Lotus (aka ICS) wikis is

Taking Notes Episode 168: 2012.09.12 - What’s New in IBM Connections 4 9.12.2012
IBM Connections product managers Suzanne Livingston, Mac Guidera, Baan Slavens, and Luis Benitez fill us in on the new features of the Connections 4 (IC4) release, including:
  • Embedded experiences and activity streams
  • Improvements to the home page
  • Easily sharing information from any context with the Sharebox
  • What's coming in the Connections mobile apps
  • Reporting and metrics (over 100 new reporting capabilities)
  • Bridging content from external websites and news sources
  • And more...
Don't miss the InformationWeek simulcast on IBM Social Technologies coming up tomorrow. A few more links to help get you up to speed on Connections 4:

What's new in IBM Connections 4?
IBM Connections 4 Reviewer's Guide
New Capabilities in Connections 4 (there's also a YouTube video link on that page)

This show runs 32:55

Taking Notes Episode 164: 2012.08.03 - What’s New in IBM Mobile Apps, with Chris Reckling and Rob Ingram 8.5.2012
We spoke with Chris Reckling (Program Manager, Mobile UX at IBM) and Rob Ingram (Manager of Mobile Strategy, Social Business at IBM) to get the inside scoop on what's new with IBM mobile apps. Topics we cover included: Even if you don't have Connections or Sametime in-house, you can try those apps out against Lotus Greenhouse, and you can also download a version of IBM Worklight that's free to try (look for a link to the Developer Edition on the Worklight home page). Also, don't miss the upcoming IBM Connections mobile tech talk on August 15.

This show runs 41:01.

Taking Notes Episode 163: 2012.07.30 - Getting started with IBM Connections application development 7.29.2012
In this episode we talked about developing applications for IBM's Connections social software platform. We were joined by three very special guests: Topics covered during the show included:
  • Overview of the options available to developers (APIs, Widgets, Java)
  • How widgets and apps are deployed within Connections
  • Integrating apps with the Connections Profile
  • Surfacing apps and widgets within Communities
  • How IBM Connections Next will utilize OpenSocial and
  • How Kudos Badges was built and how it integrates and is managed within Connections
  • Why developers should use XPages to extend Connections
  • How you can work with iWidgets and XPages
  • How to access the Connections REST API's from XPages
  • Where you can find and download sample XPages apps
  • What other extensibility features might be important for XPages developers
  • and much more...
Resources: - Landing for all things ICS development related including Notes/Domino "Next" and Connections "Next"

The show runs 41:53.

Show Rewind:

Be sure to listen to our interview with IBM's Ed Brill and Trust Factory's Wueter Aukema about the new partnership between their companies, news about Notes Social Edition and Ed's forthcoming book.

Taking Notes Episode 162: 2012.07.23 - IBM’s Ed Brill and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema 7.23.2012
Todays show has been sponsored by Instant Technologies (@teaminstant). Be sure to check out their IMtegrity product for IBM Sametime.

On this episode of the podcast we were joined by
IBM's Ed Brill (@edbrill) and Trust Factory's Wouter Aukema (@waukema) and talked about:
  • The new partnership between IBM and Trust Factory first announced on Ed's blog
  • Trust Factory's DNA services offerings
  • What the partnership means for IBM customers
  • A special offer made by Ed
  • Ed's new book project
  • What the book will and not be about and when it will be available
  • Who else will be contributing to the book
  • Notes Social Edition and what exactly it is
  • Some of the new enhancements made in the Notes Social Edition
  • When it will be available for customers
  • How it can be deployed
  • Integration with IBM Connections "Next"
  • and much more
The podcast runs 33:25.

Taking Notes Episode 155: 2012.05.23 - An interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book 5.23.2012
On this show we sat down with all of the authors of the new "XPages Extension Library" book which is now available for purchase. This 537 page book was written by Paul Hannan (@pdhannan), Declan Sciolla-Lynch (@qtzar), Jeremy Hodge (@jeremyhodge), Paul Withers (@paulswithers) and Tim Tripcony (@timtripcony).

The book is also available as an eBook, on Kindle and as an iBook.

On the podcast we discussed:
  • How the book came to be
  • What tools they used to produce the book
  • The OpenNTF Extension Library Project and the associated Upgrade Pack 1 documentation on the IBM Wiki
  • An introduction to the XPages Extension Library and what it exactly is
  • How the book is goes beyond being "the documentation"
  • Who else was involved with the creation of the book content
  • Paul, Declan, Jeremy, Paul and Tim talk about the chapters they co-authored and some of their favorite XPages Extension Library controls
  • Tim's WatrCoolr project on OpenNTF
  • Russ Maher and his unique way of reading this great new book
  • The XSP Starter Kit Project on OpenNTF by Nathan T. Freeman
  • XPages architect Phil Riand and Tim's upcoming interview with Taking Notes (Exclusive!)
  • and much more....
You can also follow Julian (@jrobichaux), Bruce (@belgort) and The Taking Notes Podcast (@takingnotespod) on Twitter.

The show runs 40:10. Oh and before we forget! Be sure and listen to
Episode 154 of Taking Notes to hear Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher talk about all things XPages. Thanks for subscribing.

Taking Notes Episode 149: 2012.01.27 - Learn about OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter and Mikkel Heisterberg 1.27.2012
In today's show we talk about all things OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter of IBM and Mikkel Heisterberg of IntraVision. We talk about:
  • What is OpenSocial?  How did it get started?
  • How is IBM involved?  How can I get involved?
  • How is IBM leveraging OpenSocial?
  • What is Apache Shindig and how is it connected to OpenSocial?
  • What are the advantages to building OpenSocial gadgets over existing technologies?  Will I be able to leverage XPages?
  • How do I get started building gadgets?
  • What about the community?  Is there a community built around OpenSocial, should the ICS community become involved?
  • How can we also leverage the OpenNTF community?
  • Where else can I leverage OpenSocial outside of embedded experiences?
  • What other companies are involved in OpenSocial?
  • What does IBM need from the ICS community when it comes to OpenSocial?
Also, here are some links to a few of the things we discussed in the podcast: the OpenSocial website, the OpenSocial sandbox, and Ryan's Lotusphere slides.

The Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown video.

This episode runs 43:12.

Taking Notes Episode 148: 2012.01.24 - Alistair Rennie on Lotusphere 2012 and Getting Social 1.24.2012
We had the pleasure of interviewing IBM Collaboration Solutions General Manager Alistair Rennie (Twitter), where we talked about:
  • Lotusphere! Specifically, the evolution of Lotus/IBM products we saw demonstrated there last week.
  • What's driving improvements in the Notes/Domino platform for 2012.
  • Why is "social" so important to businesses right now? What has changed in the past few years to make it relevant?
  • Are traditional desktop applications going away, in favor of mobile and web initiatives?
  • What kind of feedback and takeaways did Alistair get from Lotusphere?
  • And more...
The podcast runs 24:06 and is best listened to while eating one or more pretzel cookies.

Taking Notes Episode 147: 2012.01.10 - Lotusphere Hashtags, Tweetups, Scavenger Hunts, and More! 1.10.2012
Today we spoke with Joyce Davis and Colleen Burns from IBM about the upcoming Lotusphere 2012 and Connect events being held in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida NEXT week!

We would like to thank
Ken "MacOSKen" Ray for the new Taking Notes intro that he graciously produced for us. Ken produces three outstanding Apple focussed podcasts including: You can also hear Ken on MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte on occasion.

We also suggest you follow Ken on Twitter at

Topics included:
See you all at Lotusphere in a few days. Oh, and we will be recording several live shows from Orlando.

This show runs 26:56 and goes quite well with a glass of pinot.

Taking Notes Episode 145: 2011.12.16 - All About IBM Connect 2012 12.16.2011
On Episode 145 we spoke with three members of the IBM Collaboration Solutions division about the brand new IBM Connect 2012 event being held in parallel with Lotusphere 2012. Our guests were Susan Collins, Marketing Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions and Social Business, Dan Hauenstein, Manager, Social Business Marketing Strategy and Michelle Tuttle, Market Segment Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions.

We talked about:
  • What is Connect?
  • Where and when it is.
  • Why you need to go to Connect.
  • What kind of sessions there will be.
  • Who the Connect OGS speaker will be (Awesome choice).
  • Surprises people may see/hear about at Connect.
  • How attendees will be "transformed" by attending this event.
  • We ask about the Lotusphere OGS speaker and get an answer.
  • What attendees do at IBM Connect.
  • and more...

Keep up with the latest on the IBM Connect conference by following the
IBM Social Insights Blog or the Twitter hashtags #IBMConnect and #IBMSocialBiz.

You may also hear Bruce say "use the garage" during the show at some point. Obviously we need to teach him to mute his microphone when not speaking.

The show runs just under 27 minutes and is a great listen while wrapping your holiday gifts, trimming the Christmas tree or working on your P90X.

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Taking Notes Episode 143: 2011.11.28 - IBM’s SmartCamp Program for Entrepreneurs with Mike Riegel 11.28.2011
On Episode 143 of Taking Notes we interview IBM's Mike Riegel (@mikeriegel, LinkedIn, Blog), Vice President - ISVs, Startups, Developers, and Academic Programs. We talked about IBM's SmartCamp program and what it's all about. Topics included:
  • When people think about Big Blue, start up companies isn't something that comes to mind. So when I heard about your SmartCamp program and some of the other things you are doing around the world for entrepreneurs I was a little surprised. Tell us what exactly is IBM doing with StartUps and Entrepreneurs?
  • Why are entrepreneurs and start ups important to IBM?
  • What is a SmartCamp?
  • Is it working? How successful are previous participants?
  • Are you looking for companies that are doing work in collaboration and social business?
  • How does a startup company qualify for SmartCamps?
  • What should our listeners do if they want to participate in 2012?
  • I heard the World Finals is coming up. What do you expect to see from the companies taking part?
  • and much more...
The show runs 25:25.

Taking Notes Episode 141: 2011.10.04 - Interview with Ed Brill and Pete Janzen about IBM XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3 10.4.2011

On the podcast today are
Ed Brill and Pete Janzen from IBM, to talk about the release of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 as well as the new IBM XWork Server. The discussion included:
  • What is the IBM XWork Server?
  • Who is the target market?
  • How is it licensed, and what are the restrictions?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the changes in licenses and entitlements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • What are some of the architectural changes and enhancements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • The OpenNTF extension library, feature packs, and extending Domino server functionality
  • Niklas Heidloff's blog post about his favorite 8.5.3 features
  • Anything new with Traveler?
  • and a whole lot more!
The podcast is 38.9 MB in size and 40:30 in length. For other news about the XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3, check out Chris Miller's webcast and the IBM XWork Server page on the IBM website.

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Taking Notes Episode 137: 2011.07.28 - IBM’s Jim Quill and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming Relational Database support in XPages 7.28.2011
On this episode we talk with IBM's Jim Quill and Phil Riand about the forthcoming relational database support for XPages coming with Domino 8.5.3 and the OpenNTF Extension Library. We cover: I guess this idea on IdeaJam can now be marked as "Completed" :-)

The podcast runs 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy it!

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Taking Notes Episode 136: 2011.07.16 - IBM’s Dave Delay and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming REST API’s for Domino and XPages 7.17.2011
In this episode of Taking Notes we spoke with IBMers Dave Delay and Phil Riand about the forthcoming REST API's for Domino and XPages. We cover:
  • What REST services are
  • What the XPages Extension Library is
  • How you can add REST capabilities to your XPages applications
  • How you can get at the Domino data model using REST
  • A walk through of what you need to do to start using the new services and controls
  • and much more
To learn more about these REST services you should also read these posts from the OpenNTF blog: This episode runs 27:28.

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Taking Notes Episode 135: 2011.05.09 - Announcing the First Ever OpenNTF Development Contest 5.8.2011
For episode 135 Bruce sat down with Niklas Heidloff from IBM/OpenNTF and Vanessa Hutchinson from We4IT where we talked about the first ever development contest being hosted by OpenNTF. This contest is being sponsored by We4IT and you can learn all about the contest by first listening to this episode of Taking Notes and then heading on over to the contest announcement page over on

Episode 135 runs about 24 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 130: 2011.02.27 - IBM’s VP of Open Standards Angel Diaz 2.27.2011
At Lotusphere 2011 Bruce Elgort spend 10 minutes with IBM's VP of Open Starndards Angel Diaz. Topics included:
  • Angel's role at IBM
  • The evolution of web and mobile standards
  • Some advice for Notes/Domino developers
  • Follow Angel on Twitter
  • Challenges with the HTML5, Oauth, OpenSocial standards
  • ODF and Symphony
The podcasts runs 9:57.

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Taking Notes Episode 131: 2011.02.14 - Lotusphere 2011 Wrap Up with Ed Brill and Kat Mandelstein 2.14.2011
Just a little over a week after Lotusphere 2011 we had the opportunity to sit down with IBM'ers Ed Brill and Kat Mandelstein. During the 35 minute show we covered:
  • The IBM-ification of Lotus
  • Advice for the Lotus Notes/Domino developers of the world
  • IBM's move to "go social"
  • LotusLive
  • Smarter Planet
  • Why IBM's move to "social business"
  • Lotus Symphony (free, free, free)
  • IBM's Watson
  • and much more.
This show runs 35:28.

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Taking Notes Episode 126: 2010.11.23 - Introducing Social Business with Luis Suarez 11.23.2010
Today our guest on the podcast is Luis Suarez: Knowledge Manager, Community Builder, and Social Computing Evangelist inside and outside of IBM. We chatted with him about:
  • Social software evangelism inside of IBM, and the group of 1,600+ BlueIQ Ambassadors within the company
  • How you can possibly live without e-mail for over 2 years (a question Luis has probably answered hundreds of times before, and he graciously answered again)
  • The difference between social networks on the Internet and social networks behind the corporate firewall
  • The future of social software, and what technologies will be used to make it work across networks and vendors
  • Luis' recent Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist of the Year Award
For more insight from Luis, check out his blog at, follow him on Twitter at @elsua, or listen to him on recent podcasts with This Week in Lotus and TWiT's net@night.

This podcast runs 48:00 and is 57mb.

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Taking Notes Episode 121: 2010.09.17 - Evangelizing Lotus Connections 9.17.2010
Today we had two IBMers on the show - Sacha Chua and Luis Benitez where we talked about IBM's Lotus Connections and things like social software user adoption behind the firewall, the Lotus Connections API and app integration, open source, product evangelism, ROI, how customers are using Connections and much more.

Sacha and Luis are extremely engaging speakers and you can hear how passionate they are about social software and media and especially how IBM's Lotus software portfolio makes them look like rock stars.

How Microblogging Drives Business Value To Organizations" blog entry that Luis talked about in the show.

Sacha's blog "
Living an Awesome Life" and on Twitter @sachac
Luis's blog "
Socialize Me" and on Twitter @lbenitez

This episode runs 37:35.

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Taking Notes Episode 120: 2010.09.13 - Everything you wanted to know about Lotus Quickr 8.5 and more 9.12.2010
This Episode of The Taking Notes podcast is sponsored by the fine folks at where you can use the promo code "TN120" to receive a 33% discount on their XPages Video training series.  Over 6+ hour of videos and 30+ lessons. Sign up and start learning XPages now.

Today we speak with IBM's Kathy Holden, Rob Novak (
SNAPPS) and a Quickr customer about all of the great things that are part of Lotus Quickr 8.5 including:
  • Support for over 27 languages out-of-the-box
  • Linux support
  • Previewing files has change
  • No more ActiveX required
  • Quickr connectors and support for meta data
  • Quickr for developers
  • Lists and what they are
  • Changes to how ACL'swork with folders
  • Speed improvements
  • The new templates
  • ECM integration
  • Why DAOS is a good thing for Quickr
  • Integration with Lotus Notes and Lotus Connections
  • and much more
This episode runs 46:11 and is 42.4mb.  Enjoy the podcast and we hope you learn a lot about Quickr 8.5.

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Taking Notes Episode 117: 2010.08.19 - The New XPages Extensability API with IBM’s Jim Quill and Phillipe Riand 8.19.2010
Have you heard that there is going to be a really cool XPages Extensibility API in Notes/Domino 8.5.2?  Today we interviewed Phillipe Riand and Jim Quill from the IBM XPages team where we talked about:
  • What is the XPages Extensability API?
  • How to get started using the API
  • Where to find the XPages Extensability API documentation (on the wiki of course!)
  • How to use the API
  • Does the API support both Notes client and Domino XPages apps?
  • What's coming in the future with Notes/Domino 8.5.3 and do we dare say Notes 9
  • and much more
Many thanks to IBM's Paul Hannan for helping us put this podcast together.

The show is 32.5mb and runs 33:47 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 114: 2010.07.07 - All Things LotusLive with IBM’s Chris Blatnick 7.8.2010
On this episode of the podcast we spoke with IBM's Chris Blatnick about:
  • LotusLive Connections
  • LotusLive Engage
  • LotusLive Notes
  • LotusLive iNotes
  • Why customers are asking about "the cloud"
  • The "hybrid" strategy
  • and much more...
Sit back and enjoy Episode 114 which runs 39:40.

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Taking Notes Episode 111: 2010.02.05 - All things Lotus Technical Information and Education Community with IBM’s Joyce Davis and Amanda Bauman 2.5.2010
In this episode Julian and Bruce talk with Joyce Davis, Community and Program Manager - IBM Lotus Software and Amanda Bauman,

We talk about:
  • What Joyce and Amanda do at IBM
  • What is the Lotus Technical Information and Education community?
  • Ways people can participate in the community
  • Benefits to contributing to the wikis
  • Lotusphere 2010 - what  the team did, how information was captured and presented
  • Innovating in the area of information development and delivery
  • Redbooks
  • Plans for 2010
  • How to contact Joyce and Amanda
  • and much more...
The show is 28.1 mb and runs 30:35 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 105: 2010.01.07 - An Interview with Mary Beth Raven and Julie Forgo from the IBM Lotus UX Team 1.7.2010
In Episode 105 we Interviewed IBM's Mary Beth Raven and Julie Forgo from the User Experience or "UX" team.

We talk about:
  • What is a "UX person" and what do they do?
  • The UX Lab at Lotusphere 2010
  • Designing with "personas" and why it's important to software design and creating great user experiences
  • Group usability
  • How users can influence software design
  • Learn the secret code word for "user"
  • Community based information dissemination and gathering.
  • Learn how the UX team learns from users
  • and much, much more...
Please check out our Lotusphere 2010 sponsors Simplified Technology Solutions or "STS" at STS also has started a new series of screencasts "TipsInTwo" at Also, be sure and attend Darren Duke's Show-N-Tell Session at Lotusphere 2010 on Sunday from 4-6 PM in the Swan Osprey room.

The show is 41.3mb and runs 45:02 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 101-1: 2009.11.29 - Lotusphere 2010 Global Business Excellence Forum with IBM’s Tim Kounadis 11.29.2009
Note: This podcast contains additional information about Global Business Excellence Forum that was also covered in Episode 101.  This show has been produced specifically for the people who may be considering attending the "Global Business Excellence Forum".

This short episode of the podcast covers the brand new "Global Business Excellence Forum" being held for the first time this year at Lotusphere 2010. Learn more about this exciting new event and all registered Lotusphere 2010 attendees can also attend this special event.

The podcast is 6.8mb and runs 7:17 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 101: 2009.11.28 - Lotusphere 2010 Business Development Day with IBM’s Tim Kounadis 11.28.2009
Are you an IBM Lotus Business Partner who will be attending Lotusphere?  If you are you should really consider attending Business Development Day according to Tim Kounadis, Director, Worldwide Channel and Industry.  In this podcast Tim and Bruce talk about what's in store for BDD at Lotusphere 2010 including the new Global Business Excellence Forum and much more.

One point to mention that was not covered in the podcast is that the BDD OGS will take place in the same Dolphin rooms as the Lotusphere OGS.

The podcast is 15.5mb and runs 16:48 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 99: 2009.08.27 - Lotus Knows Jamming with Industry Innovators Provides Alistair Rennie and Kevin Cavanaugh Insight 8.27.2009
IBM's Alistair Rennie, Vice President of Development and Technical Support and Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President of Messaging and Collaboration Technology Business Executive talk with Bruce and Julian about:
  • The Lotus Knows IdeaJam
  • How the ideas from the jam fit with Lotus product visions and plans
  • More on the Lotus Knows initiative and why the initiative was started now
  • How Lotus Knows ties in with IBM's Smarter Planet initiative
  • How you can participate and help with these initiatives
  • Plans for Lotusphere 2010
  • and much more
The Lotus Knows Video Blitz

Lotus invites you to create short videos on how you know Lotus. The videos should showcase specific capabilities that demonstrate how end users know Lotus. Be creative, Be original, Be specific. The Video Blitz will be held on starting August 28th. Also, to help provide inspiration for the Video Blitz, the Lotus Knows IdeaJam will be available for the next 30 days for you to review the ideas this community has brought forward. Please pass the word and encourage your network to participate!

This podcast was brought to you by
Conxsys's nsfRewind.

The show is 27mb and runs for 29:43.

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Taking Notes Episode 96: 2009.03.10 - Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes and eProductivity 3.10.2009
This evening, Julian Robichaux and Bruce Elgort met up with productivity specialist, Eric Mack (Notes on Productivity), and IBMer Chris Blatnick  (Interface Matters)to discuss a variety of topics, including: This episode runs 49:51 and is 45.7mb (128kbs).

Taking Notes Episode 95: 2009.01.15 - Notes Traveler and iNotes Ultralite 8.5 1.15.2009
Paul Mooney, Julian and Bruce spend 20 minutes talking with Shawne Robinson from IBM about all of the new features in Notes Traveler and iNotes Ultralite that recently ship with version 8.5.

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Taking Notes Episode 87: 2008.09.12 - Ed Brill and Dwight Morse on Notes 8.0.2 (and beyond) 9.12.2008
Bruce and Julian had the opportunity to talk to Ed Brill (Worldwide Sales Manager for Lotus Notes/Domino) and Dwight Morse (Lotus Notes Product Manager) about changes and new features in the recent Notes 8.0.2 release. We also got to discuss a few "future directions" sort of things. Talking points included:
  • Do we have any numbers yet on how many companies have upgraded to Notes 8 so far? How about customer references?
  • Is Lotus comfortable with the 8.0.2 startup speed and smaller memory footprint, or will it continue to improve?
  • What's the big deal about the new INI parameter that controls whether the client opens in Basic or Standard mode?
  • Are the Symphony editors in the Notes 8 Standard client simply "nice to have", or is IBM aggressively pushing the Symphony product?
  • Is there better integration coming between Notes and Connections, especially as it relates to Activities?
  • Can we confirm or deny William Shatner as the opening session speaker at Lotusphere?
And certainly, much much more. Also be sure to check out Dwight Morse speaking about Notes 8 on the Ziff Davis Innovations podcast.

This podcast was brought to you by
Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam and LinkJam (idea management and social bookmarking software for Lotus Notes/Domino). It is 16.2mb and runs 35:11 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 80: 2008.03.12 - Sametime Advanced with Adam Gartenberg 3.12.2008
Adam Gartenberg tells us about all sorts of new Sametime goodies, including: This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software the makers of IdeaJam.

It is 19.6mb and runs 42:37 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 77: 2008.02.18 - Lotus Protector with Arthur Fontaine and Brian Reed 2.18.2008
At Lotusphere 2008 we had a few minutes to sit down with Arthur Fontaine and Brian Reed from IBM where we talked about Lotus Protector which was announced at the show.  Somebody had their cell phone on during the recording which caused some interference for which we apologize for.

This podcast was sponsored by
Instant Technologies. It is 8mb and runs 17:26 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 70: 2007.11.14 - Lotusphere 2008 with Sandra Marcus from IBM 11.14.2007
Sandra "Queen of Lotusphere" Marcus tells us all about what to expect at Lotusphere 2008 -- only 2 months away! She talks about things like:
  • Attendance is up so much that they have to split the opening session into 2 groups (just like old times).
  • The all new "Lotus Salon" (no, they won't style your hair). Check out the sidebar links for more info.
  • Fan favorites are coming back: SpeedGeeking, Jamfest, and more.
  • Jamfest gets a new home -- no more tent!
  • Get the real scoop on how the lunch locations will work this time.
If you haven't bought your tickets yet, get them now before prices go up in January. There's even still a little room left for vendors on the showroom floor, but not for long.

Thanks to Erica Topolski for getting this interview set up for us, and Sandra Marcus for taking time out of her day for some questions. This podcast is 18.8mb and runs 41:02 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 63: 2007.06.27 - Lotus Connections with Mac Guidera 6.27.2007
Mac Guidera, Senior IT Specialist on the IBM consulting team, talks about the new (and soon to be released) Lotus Connections product, including:
  • Tags and tagging
  • Web 2.0-ish-ness
  • The 5 "pillars" of Connections: Profiles, Communities, Blogs, Dogear, and Activities
  • Activities tie-ins to Lotus Notes 8
According to the Connections datasheet on the IBM site, Connections will be available for GA electronic download on June 29th (same day as Quickr, and some Apple thing), so hurry up and learn about it.

If you want more information, listen to the
Lotus Collaboration Summit Online teleconference (probably in replay as you read this), check out the Lotus Greenhouse, or watch a Flash demo. It's all good.

This podcast also features another new "
Interface Matters" segment with Chris Blatnick. The whole kit and kaboodle is 27.6mb and runs 1:00:19 at 64kps.

Taking Notes Episode 61: 2007.05.08 - Rob Wunderlich from IBM 5.10.2007
Julian and Bruce talked to Rob Wunderlich -- Technology Evangelist in the "Emerging Technology and Standards Evangelization" team at IBM -- about things like:
  • Mobile applications and Lotus Domino
  • Web Services
  • The importance of standards
  • What it's like to be a Technology Evangelist at IBM
  • Redwings and mud pie
And much more. Rob was a fun interview, and we all had a good chat.

Also in this podcast, another new "
Interface Matters" segment with Chris Blatnick.

Episode 61 was sponsored by
Collaboration University.

The podcast is 21.8mb and runs 47:23 at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 60: 2007.04.26 - Sametime 7.5.1 with Adam Gartenberg 4.26.2007
Mere days after Sametime 7.5.1 goes Gold, Julian and Bruce were able to get a hold of Adam Gartenberg (Offering Manager for IBM Lotus Real-Time Collaboration) to talk about all the new things in the Sametime client and server. And boy, are there a lot of new things, including:
  • Video (webcam) integration
  • Tabbed chat (configurable and optional)
  • Mac Client
  • Linux servers (Red Hat and SUSE)
  • Office and Outlook integration
  • Offline status integrated with Notes or Outlook calendar (i.e. -- if your calendar says you're in a meeting, your Sametime status will be set to busy)
  • Lots of administrator configuration options for the client, set on the server
  • Sametime Plugin Catalog and the new Sametime Code Exchange
If you want to find out more about Sametime 7.5.1, try out these links: Also in this podcast, Chris Blatnick's new "Interface Matters" segment.

Episode 60 was sponsored by
Collaboration University.

The podcast is 29.5mb and runs 1:04:11 at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 56: 2007.03.11 - Andre Guirard from IBM 3.11.2007
Andre Guirard -- the Project Lead for the Domino Designer client -- takes some time out to talk to Bruce and Julian about: We'll probably do several shows in the coming weeks about the new Notes 8 client, and this is a great one to start off with. Andre knows what he's talking about.

The podcast is 15.3mb and runs 33:27 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 53: 2007.02.09 - Thomas Gumz from IBM 2.8.2007
Bruce and Julian finally got Thomas Gumz on the podcast schedule. The interview has a LOT of densely packed information, so listen closely. Subjects we covered include:
  • The evolution of the Domino Administrator Client (that Thomas leads the design for), including:
    • how it went from an oversized dialog in 4.6 to a full Windows and Web client today
    • cool things you can do with the Web client, like starting and stopping Windows services on the server
    • reusable JavaScript components in the notes\data\dfc\dfc100.nsf database (DFC = DOM Foundation Classes)
    • "hacking" the Domino Admin database code (for a cool example, see how Dovid Gross added a custom server task for ACLHelp)
  • The DDM (Domino Domain Monitor) database in R7 that Thomas also led the design for, with a quick discussion of "hacking" that database to learn about tricks like rounded table corners (a technique that Ben Langhinrichs played with several times) or writing an event-driven tabbed interface
  • Using a Domino server as an Eclipse Update Site, with features like:
    • managing plugins and packages for Sametime 7.5 clients as well as the forthcoming Notes 8 client
    • using the UpdateSite.ntf template on a Domino 7 server to manage Sametime 7.5 plugins right now (or, at least, as soon as the Domino 8 beta is available and we can get the template)
    • Notes replication allows you to easily manage plugins for clients on local servers, instead of one big central one
    • in the future, this may be how Notes 8 client updates are handled

Again, tons of good stuff in there. Thanks Thomas!

The podcast is 21.2mb and runs 46:27 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 46: 2007.01.17 - An interview with IBM and VoiceRite 1.16.2007
Chris Miller, Julian and Bruce sit down with David Brigida from IBM and Josh Schrager from VoiceRite where we talk about something we never have discussed on the podcast - unified communications and unified messaging.

We start out the show by defining what unified communications and unified messaging are and then talk about the VoiceRite Client for Sametime 7.5.   We then learn how you never have to pick up the phone to check your voice mail change greeting since you can do all of that from your Sametime client. Whether you have an old analog or new Voice over IP PBX from any where in the world you can see who's calling your voice mail, send an IM message to Sametime which is spoken to the callers or even transfer the call to a soft phone or cell phone.

Josh then tells us about VoiceRite's
Name Dialer for Domino which allows you to have an automated receptionist for your company so that caller to your company  can say the name or department of anyone in your directory and be automatically transferred to them.

You can also see a demonstration of both products at the VoiceRite pedestal (number 621) at Lotusphere 2007 in the Product Showcase.

Episode 46 was sponsored by
Integra for Notes, solutions for Lotus Notes integration and reporting to Microsoft Word and Excel.

The podcast is 18mb and runs 38:15 minutes at 64kps.

Adam Gartenberg also blogs about this podcast.


In the queue... 1.7.2007
We thought we give you a heads up of some podcasts we have in the queue: Did we mention that we still have all of our podcast sponsorships open? If you are interested drop us an email.

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Taking Notes Episode 38: 12.10.06 - Interview with Craig Lordan and Tara Hall 12.10.2006
Tonight we had a fun interview with Craig Lordan and Tara Hall -- two of the honchos behind the developerWorks Lotus site (the website formerly known as We chatted it up about things like: Take a break, take a listen.

The podcast is 28.1mb and runs 30:35 at 128kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 35: 11.09.06 - Interview With Mike Rhodin 11.9.2006
Bruce and Julian got a chance to interview Mike Rhodin, IBM General Manager for Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software (and Lotusphere MC). We asked him a wide range of questions, touching on topics like:
  • What was the internal design process for the Hannover/Notes 8 product? Was it UI-driven?
  • How do I take advantage of the new Hannover technologies in my old Lotus Notes applications?
  • What about Ajax? And XForms? And Activity Explorer? And the DB2 back-end data store? And the rest of the IBM software line? How will the new Notes 8 client be able to take advantage of these technologies?
  • Will we be able to run the Hannover client "on a stick"?
  • Who's the comedian for Lotusphere going to be?
There was also a lot of discussion around SOA and Lotus Expeditor too, and a whole lot more. Overall, a fantastic interview. Take a listen!

We also would like to thank Elana Fernandez of the IBM Media Relations Team for making the interview with Mike possible.

The podcast is 20.5mb and runs 44:30 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 31: 09.07.06 - Alan Lepofsky and Eric Mack on Helping People ’Get’ Notes 9.7.2006
Bruce and Julian have a nice chat with Alan Lepofsky (Competitive Marketing Intelligence at IBM/Lotus) and Eric Mack (eProductivity specialist at ICA) about the difficulty of helping co-workers and customers "get" Lotus Notes. We talk about a variety of topics around this theme, including: Episode 31 was sponsored (once again) by Collaboration University.

The podcast is 27.6mb and runs 48:08 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 27: 08.09.06 - Quickplace 8.0 with Rob Novak and Satwik Seshasai 8.10.2006
Quickplace 8.0 is coming! Bruce and Julian talk to Rob Novak (president of SNAPPS) and Satwik Seshasai (team lead for Quickplace development at IBM) about what's coming in the new release, including:
  • nifty new Ajax functionality and open JavaScript libraries
  • integration with Microsoft Office AND OpenOffice
  • integration with Activity Explorer
  • a teaser about the upcoming Collaboration University
  • and much more
Bruce also tosses in a couple of quick interviews: one with Chad Schelfhout about the OpenAudit and QuickElementer projects on OpenNTF, and another with John Head regarding the Community Samples Effort -- a push to product competitive and open templates for Notes/Domino.

The audio during the interview with Rob and Satwick is a bit choppy in places due to some problems Skype was giving us.  Sorry about that.

Episode 27 was sponsored by

The podcast is 22.67mb and runs 38:43 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 24: 06.20.06 - Interview with Rocky Oliver 6.21.2006
Taking Notes episode 24 is an interview with Rocky Oliver, longtime LotusGeek and recently pulled (back) into the ranks of IBM. Bruce, Julian, and Rocky discussed topics such as:
  • Lotus Notes Access for SAP, and Rocky's involvement on that project
  • How that fits in with the larger Project Harmony, which extends to both Lotus Notes and Workplace
  • Is it too early to start planning for Lotusphere?
  • Why did Rocky leave a successful independent consulting practice to go to work for IBM, anyway?
Episode 24 was sponsored by Genii Software.

All this and much, much more. See what you think!

The podcast is 19.4mb and runs 34:36 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 22: 05.31.06 - Sametime 7.5 with Adam Gartenberg 5.31.2006
In this Taking Notes podcast, Bruce and Julian have a fantastic conversation with Adam Gartenberg -- IBM/Lotus Offering Manager for Real-time and Team Collaboration -- regarding the upcoming Sametime 7.5 client. We talked about far too many features and details to list them all here in the show notes (you'll just have to listen to the podcast ;-), but here are some of the topics we touched on:
  • Why is Sametime 7.5 NOT "just another chat client"?
  • What are some of the reasons you'll want to upgrade from older versions of Sametime?
  • Discussion of the new role-based security architecture
  • The new Sametime plugin architecture, some neat things you can do with it, and talk of a forthcoming online Sametime Plugin Catalog
  • Improvements in the Sametime Meeting Center
  • How will we need to upgrade? Clients first? Servers first? All at once?
  • Options available for telephony and connectivity to other chat networks via the RTC Gateway
Adam shared some great details with us, so make sure you listen to the whole thing. Also, here are a few links related to what we discussed: And of course the OpenNTF update with John Roling.

Episode 22 was sponsored by

The podcast is 25.6mb and runs 46:13 (yes a long podcast) at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 16: 03.02.06 - Interview with Ed Brill 3.3.2006
On Thursday night Julian and Bruce had a nice podside chat with Ed Brill. Ed answers some of our questions in addition to some of the ones submitted by our listeners over the last week.

The podcast also includes segments by: The podcast is 27.7mb and runs 50:36 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 13: 01.25.06 - Lotusphere 2006 An Interview with Kevin Cavanaugh 1.25.2006
Today we had the privilege (and good fortune) to get an interview with Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President of Development for Domino Products. He was extremely friendly and gave us some fantastic information on things like:
  • Sametime 7.5 features (including plugins!)
  • Activity Explorer integration in Notes
  • The difference between Hannover and "Domino Next"
  • New and improved Notes client on the Mac
  • Upcoming RSS/Atom feed integration in Notes
  • and much more...
Thanks again to Kevin Cavanaugh for the great interview, and to Michael Shamrell and Jenn Snyder for setting all this up for us in the first place. Download, listen, and enjoy.

The podcast is 15.9mb and runs 33:28 at 64kps.

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